Newmedical Technology makes more than 40 products for physicians and their patients. These products are used across all ages and conditions—from a new mother’s c-section scar, to the bruises caused by cosmetic procedures, to the chronic wounds of the elderly and bedridden.

Physicians trust Newmedical products for their patients because they know they are:

    • Made with the highest quality, medical grade ingredients
    • Manufactured in the company’s own FDA registered, ISO certified facility
    • Available with a variety of options so the physician can truly customize treatments for any patient or condition.


Plastic surgery doctor draw line on patient breast augmentation implant

As the demand for aesthetic procedure rises, so does patient expectation of nearly flawless results. Our scar treatment and bruise relief products help physicians improve the aesthetic outcome of surgical procedures, cosmetic procedures, burns and injuries. We offer two lines of products–the professional line available only from medical professionals, and the consumer line of products available online and at pharmacies.



Newmedical is on the front line of wound care with innovative ideas to assist in optimal healing through the integration of scientific research, imagination and material design. Our patent-pending dressings provide an effective environment for the management of various types of acquired wounds, from simple acute injuries to long-standing chronic wounds.


Close-up of medical instrument being passed over by assistant to surgeon

We collaborate with our medical advisory board to identify unmet needs of surgeons. In response to the needs of microsurgeons, Newmedical has developed the most innovative surgical hand table in the marketplace. The unique ergonomic design provides support, comfort and control for the surgeon while meeting all structural and functional needs in the operating room.